Like Water, No-One Can Be Without Oxygen


It is said that the earth is the only known planet of its kind in this universe. And so far, it is believed that we, and all other flora and fauna species that remain with us, are the only known creatures. In order for us to survive and live the lives we do, we all need oxygen. And so far, there is plenty of the air that we breathe each and every day. There is no other planet like it that allows us to survive. But in the last hundred years or so, more diseases and illnesses have entered our precious lives.

For many, the jury is still out on this, but it is believed that high levels of pollution have something to do with this. Nevertheless, when people do fall ill and have to be treated extensively for cancer type diseases that may or may not be eradicated, these folks need a lot more of the life forces that many of us take for granted. Fortunately for the professional men and women who treat and care for these people, and fortunately for the patients, there is a bounty of H2O and oxygen to go.

Due to extremely ill patients’ limitations and their inability to receive and process their own water and oxygen consumption, they need to have these life-giving sources provided to them on tap if you will. Portable canisters and cylinders are drawn up from a large inventory put together by knowledgeable engineers who have an acute understanding and appreciation of how the human body (and mind) must work.

The portable instruments that these folks must use are also light in weight, allowing them to continue being comfortably mobile, just like the rest of us. So, as they say, there is plenty of life to go.

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